Electronic Facial Pore Cleaner

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Nose Cleansing Acne Remover with Vacuum Suction Machine

Cell turnover slows with aging and you need exfoliate often.
The microdermabrasion diamond machine helps speed this process.

This quality device comes with 4 heads for different types of extraction and exfoliation. Use it to help remove layers of dry skin and to help with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

- It has a suction adjustment (5 settings).
- It has four different separate heads & the filter:

1. a microdermabrasion head that will remove dry patchy skin and make your face smooth and soft
2. a large suction head for bigger areas (grease pockets, etc).
3. a smaller head to pinpointing problem areas
4. a fine-line cup that is meant to smooth out fine lines.

- It comes with a USB power cord for charging, you can plugged it into your computer.
- It also comes with extra filters - great feature.

How to use
1. Wash your face and held a warm cloth for a couple of minutes on your nose or steaming or bathing to open your pores, then dry your face off.
2. Open the machine and move the device slowly. Then the acne and some blackheads will come out. If the blackhead is deep please apply with blackhead educe liquid.
3. Please don't stay in one place too long when using it in order to prevent from hurting your skin.
4. Then use a mask to help repair your skin! Always apply a moisturizer.


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