Jakcom R3 Smart Ring For NFC Mobile Phone (BLACK ONLY)

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 Jakcom R3 Smart NFC Multifunctional Ring for Android and Windows Phones

The smart magic ring is a wearable gadgets components, runs magic functions on  mobile phone, and operate the mobile function and share the data by NFC wireless frequency communication technology.

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Compatible with Android and WP mobile phones. All the Android and WP mobile phones with NFC function can normally apply it. At present, our Smart ring only supports the Android and Windows Mobile phones with NFC function.

Smart Ring Functions

  • Private Note
  • Mobile phone lock
  • Quick start
  • Share information

Smart Ring Details

  • Liquid Tungsten - Amorphous Carbine Alloy
  • Epoxy Crystal Ceramic
  • Health Module: Germanium, Volcanic Magnet, FIR Energy Stone
  • NXP Smart CDX - M1 and ID area is equipped with new dual-core NXP MCU chipset
  • NXP NTAG 21x - NFC area carries a new NXP smart NFC chip
  • No need battery charging
  • IP68: Waterproof, dust-proof, fall-proof

Size measurement
Various sizes are available. You will find the one suitable.
1. In measurement, it is better to wind the finger to be worn with a fine rope or thread (non-flexible).
2. Try to tighten the rope lest the size is too large for the finger. It is better to keep the error within 1mm.
3. Straighten the rope and measure the length with ruler.

What is Liquid Tungsten, Amorphous Carbide Alloy?

  1. Liquid metal called metallic glass, has no grain structure, possesses higher strength, lower elastic modulus, and never deforms after bending.
  2. It is a modern alloy technology with science-fiction style and is the best shell material in electronic devices. Besides, it not only meets the requirements for high-grade appearance, but also has strong performance.
  3. After the mixed forging with tungsten steel, it can keep the “Mohs hardness” of tungsten steel, which is ten times of gold and four times of titanium gold.
  4. Moreover, it has noble quality of no discoloration, and it is suitable for everyone to wear and never cause allergy.


  • Type: NFC Smart Ring
  • Material: Liquid Tungsten, Epocy Crystal Ceramic
  • Gender: Women, Men
  • Color: Black
    Size(US): 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Width: 8 mm/0.314"
  • Thickness: 2 mm/0.079"
  • Weight: About 23g

Package Included:
1 X NFC Smart Ring

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