Pilot Calligraphy Art Parallel Pens 4 Sizes plus cartridges

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Exquisite Calligraphy Pilot Pens Available in 4 Sizes and 12 Color ink cartridges

Suitable for any Calligraphy artists collection of tools for your enjoyment

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Product Specifications:

  • Inking mode: Piston ink
  • Pen Material: Metal
  • fountain pen nib ingredients: Iraurita
  • Nib Category: Italic type
  • Nib Sizes: 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, 6.0 mm

Bundle Options included: 

12 x Cartridges of multiple colors
1 x Pilot Pen (various sizes) plus 12 Cartridges of multiple colors
1 x Pilot Pen set only (various sizes)
4 x Pilot Pens only
4 x Pilot Pens plus 5 x 12 Cartridges of multiple colors

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